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Vicki Rapaport

Vicki began making jewelry after  her first class at the Revere  Academy in San Francisco.  As a fiber artist and someone who loves gold,  she was drawn to loop n loop woven chain.  It was the melding of weaving, spinning, and crochet, plus a passion for jewelry, that led to her career as a Jewelry Artist.  Her media range from 18kt gold, silver, cables, and cords.  Her designs are eclectic; from formal to whimsical.  The  jewelry has evolved, the focus is on the unusual, a piece with a story, truly unique, and most likely something that can be worn in more than one way.  

One Chain Multiple Looks

The Loop n Loop chains are versatile--they are made one loop at a time with a small tool and wire of 18kt gold or fine silver.  Special key ends are attached to the chain.  Choose your chain; it will become the staple of your collection.  The key ends allow you to switch out the clasp -- the focal point of the piece. Dress up with a clasp of high karat gold and gems; or wear the chain for every day with a simple pearl, a rough or polished stone, a silver or stainless steel clasp, something for any occasion.  Add a bridge and you can use a pendant you have in your current collection.  

Unique with a Story to Tell

Unusual pieces -- perhaps a piece with recycled piano keys, Arizona Black Jade, Lava from Santorini, and a piece of cobblestone from Albert Einstein's front walkway.   Fun and Whimsy. Conversation pieces.  Check the online store for the latest creations.  Thank you for visiting the site.  Provide your email address to receive updates about shows and the latest creations. 

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Vickey Rapaport Contemporary Mixed Media Jewelry